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We have a ton of our "made to orders" made and ready to ship! Check out our Facebook page to see what is in stock!

Don't see what you love or saw at an event, contact us for help!

Orders have a 2 week turnaround time, but often times are quicker as we have a lot pre-printed!

We have 2 events coming up in December!
River Valley Craft Bazaar on 12/2

Made in Nerdwaukee at Pilot Project on 12/9


Untitled design (4).png

We started 3D printing for fun, and as we delved into the world of creating we began to share the joys of our dragon hoards.  Now we print to bring the joy to others through Dragon's Den 3D Prints.

These designs (Void Octopus, Dragons- Rose and Crystal) were created by Cinderwing3d.  We are authorized sellers of their prints.


CONTACT ME  |  Spring Green, WI

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